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Tropical Fruits Extract And Melatonin Encapsulated In Nanovesicles Sleeping Masks

Glucogenic Acid Extraction Method

Natural Rubber Foam Floor Tiles

Mango Quality Sorting Machine

Preparation technology for semi-finished jasmine rice porridge

Black soy sauce formula from rice bran oil extraction with the addition of pure probiotic fermentation and production methods.

Colored Rice Milk Beverage technology

Instant Korat-style Rice Noodle Preparation Technique

Nano-cellulose Film Coating

Paper Coating Solution

Rice Bran Conditioning Technology

Cake and Pancake Mix Formula without Rice Gluten

COLD1 Gene Marker for Cold-Resistant Rice Detection

Test kit for elephant herpesviral infection

The production of zinc oxide nanoparticle via wet chemical process

Herbal extracts and ingredients for relieving diseases of the hands, feet, and mouth

Coating Process to Sustain Allogenic Bone Matrix

Health Check Kiosk

White Ginger Extract for Anti-Coronaviruses

Mobile Stroke Unit


Astaxanthin extraction process from Haematococcus algae

Production process of aromatic powder from cooked jasmine rice by encapsulation technique

ABS Solar cell

Waste-to-energy biochar incinerator

the preparation of coffee extract components for hair care products

Herbal Soap from Indian Cork flower extract

CAR-T Cellular Therapy Targeting CD19 for B-Cell Leukemia Treatment in Cancer Patients

The Telecare cerebral vascular disorders protection

The Hydroponic Vegetable Cultivation Management System utilizing IoT technology

Bio organic pellet fertilizer from Grylloidea frass

UV-C Sterilizer

Wastewater treatment by solar energy

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguished by Agricultural Biomass

Therapeutic Diet – Dysphagia

Curcumin Night Cream