USER’S GUIDE EP.1 How to register on IPACE

Welcome to the 1st Episode of IPACE Platform user’s guide! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the registration process and highlight the benefits of becoming a verified member.

Becoming a Verified Member for MORE Benefits!

1. Enhanced Credibility: Verified members are recognized as credible and trustworthy, making it easier to connect with potential collaborators and investors. This also ensures a secure and reliable environment for all transactions and communications on the platform.

2. Access to Exclusive Features: Enjoy exclusive features such as priority support, and access to premium content like E-learning courses, insight reports, and webinars.

3. Priority in Appointments: Verified members can schedule and manage appointments with technology owners and seekers more efficiently, with priority in booking slots.

How to Register on the IPACE Platform : Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the IPACE Platform

Go to the IPACE Platform website at

Step 2: Click the ‘Sign Up’ Button

In the top right corner of the window, click the ‘Sign Up’ button to start the registration process. Alternatively, you can log in with your Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

Click on ‘Profile’ to fill in your information. This helps us get to know you better and allows us to suggest technology that best fits your needs.

Step 4: Upload Verification Documents

Upload a copy of your citizen ID card or passport, and an organization document to verify your identity and affiliation.


Step 5: Click ‘Verify’

Click ‘Verify’ and wait for 24 hours for the admin to complete the verification process.

Finally, Enjoy Your Special Benefits

Once everything is ready, you can start enjoying your special benefits as a verified member.

Registering and becoming a verified member on the IPACE Platform not only enhances your credibility but also opens doors to numerous exclusive features and opportunities. Start your journey today and make the most of what the IPACE Platform has to offer!

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