TechInnovation 2023 Wrap-Up: A Resounding Success!
IPACE at TechInnovation 2023

TechInnovation 2023, the highly anticipated event that brought together visionaries from around the world, has drawn to a close. This innovative platform provided a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and foster new partnerships. Among the prominent contributors to this vibrant event, IPACE, your trusted partner in technology transfer and commercialization, stood tall with a series of remarkable engagements.

Enhance Cross-border Collaboration

Singapore’s Minister of State for the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, and the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Mr. Alvin Tan, cast a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of IPI and Enterprise Singapore in supporting SMEs and startups, nurturing a thriving ecosystem to tackle urban challenges. 

A pivotal moment arose as Mr. Tan observed the signing of two momentous MOUs. One of them, inked with IPACE (Thailand’s Intellectual Property Acceleration and Commercialization Enterprise), promises to enhance cross-border collaboration in key sectors, thereby creating exciting opportunities for Singaporean businesses.

Panel Discussion: Navigating Entry into New Markets

Our CEO, Mr. Guy Ornthanalai, a distinguished speaker from Thailand, shared the stage with business leaders from Finland, China, and Singapore in a riveting panel discussion on market entry strategies for Singaporean firms. This insightful discussion offered a window into business opportunities and strategies. The Singapore Business Federation, a key ally, assists companies in identifying opportunities in various countries, emphasizing the need for proactive market research, including PESTLE analysis, industry trends, and local government initiatives. The conversation also highlighted the importance of product localization and venturing into adjacent markets as a calculated move.

Discover Innovation in Action at IPACE Booth

At IPACE booth, you had the chance to immerse yourself in innovation in action. We delighted in sharing and exchanging information and opportunities for growth in the dynamic world of technology and business. The discussions were lively, and the connections made were promising. Your visit to our booth was an integral part of the TechInnovation 2023 experience.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who visited us, shared ideas, and contributed to the success of TechInnovation 2023. We’re excited to continue this journey with you, exploring new opportunities and reaching milestones together. Stay tuned for our upcoming initiatives, and let’s continue shaping the future of technology and innovation, hand in hand.

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